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Our Student Recruitment Team’s combined experience enables us to connect with students from all over the world and advise them when choosing to study with one of our partners in the UK.








*The lists of agents are updated on a monthly basis and are not updated in real-time. For a more up to date list, please contact one of our regional representitives.


We are committed to ensure that our agents have all the resources they need to effectively support all the students.
You can count on our regional recruitment teams at QA Higher Education to support you every step of the way, reach out to us for personalised assistance tailored to your agency’s needs.

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At QA, we deeply value our agents as integral partners in our mission to connect students with opportunities for higher education in the United Kingdom.

We are thrilled with the exceptional performance and dedication demonstrated by our agents.

Their unwavering commitment to excellence in recruitment has consistently bought students from diverse corners of the globe to pursue their academic ambitions in the UK. We commend our agents for their outstanding efforts and look forward to continued success together.

– Uni Britannica
– Pro Education and Services
– New School of Business
– Zain Global
– Career Resources
– Easy Peasy Education
– Rayners College
– Motivation Academy
– EU Network
– AVG Education Services Ltd
– Boost Education Services
– Nora Education Centre Ltd
– Open UK Study
– UK Study Zone Ltd


– IDP Education Ltd

– SIUK – Study International UK Ltd

– UKEAS Worldwide Ltd

*Information provided may not be updated daily.


– A&G Student Admission Limited
– Academic Research House UK Limited
– Academy of East London Ltd
– Achel Group Ltd
– Admission Assistant Limited
– Admission Network Ltd
– AH&Z Associates Ltd
– AIMS Education Limited
– AllCampus UK Ltd
– Alliance & Associates Ltd
– Andyoeo Educational Training Centre
– ASK3.3 Limited
– Aspect Services Ltd
– Associate Management Systems Ltd t/a Back2study
– Athlas Education Limited
– Atlas Plus Ltd
– AVG Education Services Ltd
– BA Educational Consultancy
– Bee Land Ltd t/a Gradlink
– Beewell Consultant Ltd
– Better Future Ltd
– Better Tomorrow Ltd
– Boman Education Ltd
– Boost Education Service Ltd t/a BHE Uni
– BW Business Solutions (UK) Ltd
– Career Resources (UK)
– Ceylon Consultancy Ltd
– Courage Consultants UK Ltd
– Dinnovi Ltd t/a Get study In UK
– E Vision Consultancy Ltd
– Easy Peasy Education Ltd
– Edu4u Ltd
– Education for You Ltd
– EduConnect Solutions t/a To Connect Ltd
– Eduvise Limited
– Elite Migration Services Limited

– EliteStudy Consultancy Ltd
– Emma Services Ltd
– Enrollmate Limited
– Ericom Recruitment Ltd
– EUKEDU Limited (Home)

– EU Network 2015 Ltd
– EU Student Ltd
– EU Students In the UK
– Explorex Limited
– First Connection Limited
– GAIPP Limited t/a Entrily

– General Consulting & Sales Mgnt Ltd t/a UniStudy UK
– (GCRD) Global Centre of Resource Development Ltd

– Global Alliance Academy Limited
– Global Business Associates Ltd t/a Step4Progress
– Global Consultancy Education Ltd
– Global Educare Ltd
– Global Education & Career (GEC) Consultants
– Globe Education Services Ltd
– Goldman Education UK Ltd
– Gradfirst Ltd
– Homelandz Ltd
– IBS Training and Development Ltd
– iEducation Ltd
– Imperial Education Services Ltd
– JFZ Consultancy Limited
– Kilberry Computing Ltd t/a IAccess
– Lion Heart Education Service Ltd
– Locus Integra Ltd
– London Chamber of Education
– London Education Ltd
– London School of Excellence Ltd
– Mac Academic Ltd
– MAK Education Limited
– Maria Love and Care
– Maryte Kairyte Ltd


– Maverick Education Consultants Ltd t/a Maverick Education Group
– Merseyside Academy, Consultancy, and Publishing Limited

– Millbank Education Limited
– Morgan Oxford Education Ltd
– Motivation Academy Limited
– Need One Ltd
– New School of Business OU
– New Start 4 U Community Interest Company
– Newedge Education Ltd
– Nora Education Centre Ltd
– Nra Educations Ltd
– OA Education Ltd
– Oldham English Centre
– Olya Ltd
– Olymp Group Ltd
– On Point Study Limited
– One Recruiting Solutions Ltd
– Open UK Study Ltd
– Pioneer Consultancy Ltd
– PL Recruitment Ltd
– PrimeLeed Limited
– Pro Education and Services
– Quadracare: Focus on the best world experience Ltd
– R&S Recruitment Ltd
– R&V Recruitment Ltd
– Ray Education & Recruitment Ltd
– Rayners College London Ltd
– Rev-Land (UK) Ltd t/a Revland College of London
– School of Further Studies Ltd t/a School of Higher Education
– Selectia Education Ltd
– SFS Consultancy and Education LTD
– Shabuj Global Outsourcing Ltd (Home)

– Smart Beee Ltd
– Smart Move Education Group
– Smarted Consultants Ltd
– Smart Prospects Ltd
– Student Connect Ltd
– Student Direct Ltd
– Student Support Ltd
– Studies Planet . Com Limited
– Study Bridge UK Ltd
– Study for IT Limited
– Study Hub Global Limited
– Study in UK Limited
– Studyquest Limited
– Tarek Associates Ltd
– The Broad Club Ltd
– The Phonics Club 2 Ltd t/a High Grade Tuition
– The Unicloud Ltd – TiM Group
– Time Academy Limited
– Top Achievement Ltd
– Top Education Group Ltd
– UK Confianza Ltd
– UK Connect Training
– UK Study Zone Ltd
– Uni & Co
– Uni Britannica Ltd
– Uni Street Ltd
– Uniq Eduverse Ltd
– Worldwide Education Consulting Group SRL t/a Top Intelligent
– Venn Education Ltd
– VRC Recruitment Ltd
– We Shine Together Ltd
– Wessex Business School (REFERRER)
– West Face School of Business Ltd
– Zain Global UK Ltd
– Zivac Ltd

*Information provided may not be updated daily.


– A&F Associates London Ltd (UK INT)
– Abhinav Jain t/a Gateway International
– Abroad Application Educational Consultant Global Kathmandu Pvt Ltd (AAEC Global PVT Ltd)
– Adept International Limited
– Admissions Overseas Consulting Group
– Advanced Career Ltd
– Adventus Education Pte Ltd
– Adventus Education Pte Ltd (India)
– AEC – Abroad Education Consultants
– AH&Z Assoc. Singapore PTE. Ltd t/a AH&Z Associates
– AH&Z Associates (Bangladesh)
– AH&Z Associates (India)
– AH&Z Associates (Nepal)
– AH&Z Associates (Pakistan)
– AIMS Academy
– AIMS English Pvt. Ltd t/a AIMS Education (S Asia)
– Ample International Education Pvt. LTD
– Apex Consultants
– AR Education Consultant
– Arch Global Consulting Ltd
– Ask Consultancy Pak
– Australia Education Victoria Pty Ltd t/a AECC Global (Nepal)
– Australia Education Victoria Pty Ltd t/a AECC Global (S Asia)
– Australian Business Education Centre Pvt Ltd t/a ABEC Consultants Pvt Ltd
– Awarded International Education Pvt. Ltd.
– Azent Overseas Education Private Limited (Bangalore)
– Azent Overseas Education Private Limited (Ahmedabad)
– Azent Overseas Education Private Limited (BKC Online)
– Azent Overseas Education Private Limited (Chennai)
– Azent Overseas Education Private Limited (Gurugram)
– Azent Overseas Education Private Limited (Hyderabad)
– Azent Overseas Education Private Limited (Jaipur)
– Azent Overseas Education Private Limited (Mumbai)
– Azent Overseas Education Private Limited (Surat)
– Azent Overseas Education Private Limited (Thane)
– Azent Overseas Education Private Limited (Vadodara)
– Azent Overseas Education Private Limited (Vijayaywada)
– Azent Overseas Education Private Ltd
– BAC Education Consultancy Ltd (International)
– BCES Admissions Abroad Pvt Ltd
– Bidhi & Co Immigration Ltd (S Asia)
– BitTrack Consultants Pvt. Ltd
– Bizz Educational Consultancy
– Blue Ribbon Overseas Educational Consultants PVT LTD
– Boost Education Service Ltd t/a BHE Uni
– Bridge International Education Group Ltd
– Britain Academy
– British College Of Applied Studies (Pvt) Ltd
– BW Business Solutions (UK) Ltd (International)
– BWBS Education Consultants Ltd
– Cambridge Training & Consultancy Ltd (S Asia)
– Campus Connections (Pvt) Ltd.
– Career Artist Ltd
– Career Craft Consultants Ltd
– Career Paths
– Career Resources (UK Int & S Asia)
– CastleHill Global (S Asia)
– Center For Foreign Studies (CFS World)
– Centre For Education-UK Ltd (International)
– City Educations Network
– Clients & Consumers Pvt Ltd t/a University and Student
– Consulting Hub Ltd (International)
– Courtesy Education Pvt Ltd
– Crown International Education (Pvt) Ltd
– DCS Educare (PVT) Ltd
– Delta Educare Nepal (P) Ltd
– Destination Abroad Limited
– Diamond Harbour Limited
– Doorway To Success (DTS)
– Earthlink (IND) Study Centre
– Edify Group of Companies
– Edroots International
– Educare Consultants Ltd (International)
– Education Asia
– Education Consortium (UK) LTD
– Education Hub Ltd (UK Int & S Asia)
– Eduglobe International Pvt Ltd
– Edulink International
– Edulink Network Ltd
– Edument – Eduvisors-Uk Ltd
– Edvoy Educational Services Ltd (UK Int & S Asia)
– Edwise International LLP
– Edwise International LLP (Indoree)
– Edwise International LLP (Bangalore)
– Edwise International LLP (Chandigarh)
– Edwise International LLP (Chennai)
– Edwise International LLP (Cochin)
– Edwise International LLP (Coimbatore)
– Edwise International LLP (Hyderabad)
– Edwise International LLP (Indore)
– Edwise International LLP (Kolkata)
– Edwise International LLP (Mumbai Vashi, S’cruz,Malad, Thane and Marine Lines)
– Edwise International LLP (New Delhi)
– Edwise International LLP (Pune Station and FC)
– Edwise International LLP (Surat)
– Edwise International LLP (Trivandrum)
– Edwise International LLP (Vizag)
– EN Global Education Ltd (UK Int & S Asia)
– FBA (UK) Ltd (International)
– FES Higher Education Consultants Pvt. Ltd
– Fly 2 Overseas Consultancy
– Flyurdream Ltd
– FM Consultants Pakistan
– Focus Education Global Private Ltd
– Fortune Education Advisor And Consultants
– Franklin Education & Marketing Consultancy Ltd
– Future Counselors
– Future Vision (BD) Limited (South Asia)
– G.H (Global Hub) Educational Network
– Gateway 2 Innovation SMC Pvt Ltd
– GeeBee Education Pvt Ltd
– Global Academy of Further Education (Private) Limited
– Global Admission Ltd (International)
– Global Aspirations Limited
– Global Degrees
– Global Doorways Ltd t/a Education Doorway (Int’l)
– Global Education & Career (GEC) Consultants (Int)
– Global Opportunities Pvt Ltd
– Global Reach Education Services Private Limited
– Global Routeway Ltd (International)
– Global Student Connect Ltd (UK Int)
– Global Study Link (UK Int)
– Global Tree Careers Private Ltd
– GlobalEdvantage Ltd
– Globe Ed
– Griffin Education Services Ireland Ltd t/a Crizac Global/Gateway Abroad/Holmes Education (Pakistan)
– Griffin Education Services Ireland Ltd t/a Crizac Global/Gateway Abroad/Holmes Education (S Asia)
– Gurumantra Education
– Gurumantra Education (Hyderabad)
– Harmony Overseas Consultant
– Gurumantra Education (Surat)
– H&H Global Education Ltd (UK Int & S Asia)
– Helpline Global Education Consultant
– Heritage Educational Services Pvt. Ltd
– Hoque Consultancy Ltd (UK Int)
– Hoque Education Group Ltd
– HR Consultants PVT Ltd
– HS Business and IT Solution Limited
– Ideal Consultants
– IDP (Ahmedabad)
– IDP (Bangalore Central)
– IDP (Bangalore East)
– IDP (Bangalore South)
– IDP (Bangladesh)
– IDP (Bathinda)
– IDP (Chandigarh)
– IDP (Chennai Adyar)
– IDP (Chennai)
– IDP (Chittagong)
– IDP (Coimbatore)

– IDP (Colombo)
– IDP (Delhi North)
– IDP (Delhi South)
– IDP (Delhi West)
– IDP (Dhaka#1)
– IDP (Dhaka#2)
– IDP (Guntur)
– IDP (Gurgaon)
– IDP (Hyderabad 2 Kukatpally)
– IDP (Hyderabad)
– IDP (Indore)
– IDP (Islamabad)
– IDP (Jaipur)
– IDP (Jalandhar)
– IDP (Jammu) – IDP (Karachi)
– IDP (Kochi)
– IDP (Kolkata)
– IDP (Lahore)
– IDP (Lucknow)
– IDP (Ludhiana)
– IDP (Mangalore) – IDP (Mauritius)
– IDP (Mohali)
– IDP (Mumbai Andheri)
– IDP (Mumbai Church Gate)
– IDP (Mumbai Thane)
– IDP (Mumbai Vashi)
– IDP (Mysore City) – IDP (Mysore)
– IDP (Nagpur) – IDP (Nepal)
– IDP (Noida)- IDP (Patiala)
– IDP (Pune)- IDP (Srilanka)
– IDP (Surat) – IDP (Trivandrum)
– IDP (Vadodara)- IDP (Vijaywada)
– IDP (Virtual Agency) – IDP (Vizag)
– Optimus Global Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

– Graduate Studio Counseling Center Pvt. Ltd
– Global Educare Ltd (South Asia)

– Smart Beee Ltd
– IEMS London Ltd (International)
Inspiren Global Education Ltd (International)
– Integrated Corporate Solutions (pvt) Ltd t/a ICS Studies Overseas
– IAE Global UK and Europe Limited (UK INT & SA)
– InterGreat Education Group (South Asia)
– International Admission Service
– International Counselling Centre Pvt Ltd
– International Education Excellence
– International Education Office
– International Group of Education

– International Learning Warehouse
– IQRA Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
– Just Study Ltd t/a Uni Education (South Asia)

– JNS Education Consultant (UK) Ltd (South Asia)
– KAK London Limited
– KAPS Consultancy Ltd
– Karim & Karim
– KC Overseas Education Private Limited
– Khan Associates (UK) Ltd
– Knowledge Kingdom
– L&K Business Associates Ltd t/a L&K Education Consultancy
– Leo Global Services Pvt Ltd
– LEC Abroad Limited (South Asia)

– Locus Integra Ltd (International)
– Lohos Group
– London Education Ltd (UK Int)
– West1 UK Pvt Ltd
– Uniexperts Limited t/a Uniexperts Edtech FZ-LLC (South Asia)
– Unizportal FZCO
– London School of Excellence Ltd (LSOE) (S Asia)
– M/S Gleam Education Services
– Maah Services Ltd (international)
– MACESBD Corporation
– Maria Consultancy London Ltd (International)
– Mgamind Consultants Pvt Ltd
– Merc Education UK Ltd (International)
– Miracle Institute Pvt Ltd
– Nation Wide
– Neuron Educare Ltd (International)
– Next Level Education (PVT) LTD
– NHP Education Consultants
– NS-UK Education Consultants Ltd (S Asia)
– Nusair Group Ltd (UK Int & S Asia)
– Orchid Associate
– Overseas Career Guru Ltd
– Overseas Education Centre (UK Int & S Asia)
– Paragon Overseas Education Pvt Ltd
– Perfect International Education Consultancy Limited

– Pioneer Academic Consultancy (UK) Ltd (S Asia)
– Planet Education
– Prime Education Information Center Ltd
– ProQuest Solutions Ltd T/A UniGlobe Education UK (International)
– Protocol Education & Visa Services Pvt Ltd
– Pyramid Overseas Education Consultants Ltd
– QS StudentApply Ltd (UK Int & South Asia)
– QIQ Consultancy Groups Limited
– RAO Overseas Consultancy PVT. Ltd
– RAQ Consulting London Ltd t/a RAQ E-Education London (S Asia)
– Real Dreams Consultancy Services
– RITE Route Group International Limited
– S A Xpress Ltd t/a Xpress Consultancy
– Sagar Consultants UK Ltd
– SAMS Global Solutions Ltd (International)
– SB International (UK) Ltd t/a Study Bridge (UK/INT)
– Selectia Education Ltd (UK/INT)
– Shabuj Global Outsourcing Ltd (UK Int & S Asia)
– SIUK (Bangladesh) – SIUK (India)
– SIUK (Nepal) – SIUK (Pakistan)
– SIUK (Sri Lanka)
– Skyline Educations (Private) Limited
– Skyline Immigration Consultants
– Skyview Consultants Ltd (UK/INT)
– Smart Move Education Group Ltd (S Asia)
– SP Studyplanner LLC
– Sparks Way Ltd t/a Uni Study Hub
– Standard Educare Global LTD (International)
– Start Smart Academy Ltd (S Asia)
– Student Admission Ltd
– Student Connect Ltd (UK Int)
– Study Abroad Consultants Ltd
– Study Advisers Ltd (International)
– Study Bridge UK Ltd (UK/Int)
– Study Britannia Limited (UK INT & South Asia)
– Study Finder Ltd (S Asia)
– Study with FM Ltd (International)
– Study Xpress
– Success Overseas
– T&T Consultancy London Ltd (International)
– Talib Consultancy (UK) Ltd t/a TCL Global
(S Asia)
– Tara International Education Pvt.Ltd
– Team Consultancy Global Ltd t/a Team Consultancy UK (S Asia)
– Thames International Educational
Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd
– The Chopras Global Holdings PTE Limited
– The IEIS Education Group Ltd
– The Next
– Times Consultant
– Total Student Care (TSC) Ltd (UK Int)
– Trivedi Global Education LLP
– U L Consultants Ltd
– UCA Education Consultancy
– UniGuru Ltd
– Unistar Education Pvt. Ltd

– UKEC Ltd t/a GoAbro (South Asia)
– Ultimate Educational Solutions Pvt Ltd t/a Ultimate Solutions
– Uni Ladder Consultancy Limited
– Uni Connect Education Ltd
– UniScholars Pvt Ltd
– Unitek Associates (South Asia)
– Vive Education Ltd (International)
– Wales International

– Wikati Education Ltd
– WIN Educat

*Information provided may not be updated daily.


– Obiettivo Lingua SRL
– Brightway Consulting Limited
– Baku City Academy
– EMAJS LLC t/a Study UK Mongolia
– StudyNet (Academic Consultants) Limited

*Information provided may not be updated daily.


A&T Smart Study
– Active Study and Travel Services Ltd
– AzeriStudent
– BridgetotheUK Ltd
– Business Link
– Chelsea Education Consultancy Ltd (International)
– DA Photiades Education Limited
– DEC education
– Edmark Consult Ltd
– Edu Consulting shpk
– Educate Online INC
– Educated Future
– Education Management Group LLC t/a Education Centre LEAF
– Euro Study Group LLC
– Educational Business Links Albania
– Fast Travel Abroad LLC
– Global Education Enterprise LLC
– GSC Study Corporation

– Happy Education Consultancy Ltd (C Asia & Balkans)
– INedu Consultancy
– Ino Agencija DOO
– Individual Entrepreneur Chinese Language Centre “NI HAO”
– Integral Educational Programs (Albania)
– InterStudent Company LLP

– Kazakh British Study Center M&K
– LLC Eruditus t/a Educational Company Eruditus
– LLC GoAbroad
– LLC Godegree Solutions t/a FINO Consulting
– Londonliklar LLC

– Masa Dragasevic pr SAT Agency t/a Study Abroad Today
– Master Lima LLC t/a Master Plus
– Multipath Expert S.R.L
– New School of Business OU (International)
– Prestige Education doo Belgrade -VRACAR (Prestige Education Ltd)
– Travel and Education
– QS StudentApply Ltd (C Asia & Balkans)
– Education Center One World Ltd
– Romi Consulting AL UK Ltd
– SIUK (Albania)
– SIUK (Ukraine)
– Star Abroad LLC
– Students Solution Educational Service Ltd
– Study Abroad Albania
– Study Abroad Education Counsellors Ltd
– StudyNet Group Ltd
– Tagus Let’s Go Study
– TIZ Solutions LLC

– Training Lab
– UCAN Consulting LTD
– UK Education Armenia, ARATS Ltd
– V&A Royal Education Services t/a Get Education
– World of Education
– Yakubov Edem t/a Global Study
– Your Education Key
Prime Study LLC
– Private Enterpreneur “KYRYLO VOITENKO” t/a ISP

*Information provided may not be updated daily.


– 10 Global Overseas Education and Technology Consultancy LLC
– Adventus Education Pte Ltd (SEA)
– Aplus Foreign Language Centre
– Australia Education Victoria Pty Ltd t/a AECC Global (Malaysian and Singapore)
– Australia Education Victoria Pty Ltd t/a AECC Global (SE Asia)
– BlueSky Vietnam Company Limited
– BRIT-Education UK Co.Ltd
– Dong Thinh Consulting Co. Ltd t/a Dong Thinh Edu & Travel
– Dream World Consultancy Centre For Oversea Studies – Viet Thanh Technology And trading Joint Stock Company
– Easygo Education JSC

– Ed Unity Ltd
– Education Tower t/a Hands On Education Consultant
– EduTrust Overseas Study and Training JSC
– Edvoy Educational Services Ltd (South East Asia)
– Expert Group Holdings Pty Ltd T/A Expert Education and Visa Services
– Fortrust International PTD Ltd
– Global Education Services Limited Company (GSE Edu Co., Ltd)
– Griffin Education Services Ireland Ltd t/a Crizac Global/Gateway Abroad/Holmes Education (SEA)
– HNG Education
– IDP (Bali)
– IDP (Bandung)
– IDP (Bangkok)
– IDP (Cebu City)
– IDP (Chiang Mai)
– IDP (Hanoi #1) – IDP (Hanoi #2)
– IDP (Ho Chi Minh City #1) – IDP (Ho Chi Minh City #2)
– IDP (Jakarta)
– IDP (Makassar)
– IDP (Manila)
– IDP (Medan)
– IDP (North Jakarta)
– IDP (Philippines)
– IDP (Phnom Penh)

– IDP (Semarang)
– IDP (South Jakarta)
– IDP (West Jakarta)
– IDP (Yogyakarta)
– IAE Global UK and Europe Limited
– InterGreat Education Group Ltd
– ISC Education Joint Stock Company
– Liu Cheng International Group Ltd t/a – LCI Group (South East Asia)
– Nova Education International JSC t/a Nova Edu., JSC
– PT Harapan Optimal Edukasi t/a (Hope Education)
– PT Info Cemerlang Andal Nusa (ICAN Education)
– QS StudentApply Ltd (SE Asia)
– Quoc Anh IEC Co., Ltd
– SG Education Vietnam Company Limited
– SIUK (Hanoi)
– SIUK (Indonesia)
– SIUK (Philippines)
– SIUK (Thailand)
– Smart Globe Education Co., Ltd.
– Student Choice Education Ltd (SE Asia)
– Sunmoon Education and Travel Consultant Company Ltd (Sunmoon Co., Ltd)
– Tamian UK Ltd
– TnR Services Ltd (SE Asia)
– Tradego Limited t/a Consultime

– Tri Cuong IEC Co.,Ltd t/a INDEC
– Vietnam Allvisa International Visa Services Company Limited
– Vietnam Edulinks Education Consultancy JSC (VINEC)
– Vietnamese Connect Group Ltd
– VNPC Da Nang Professional Overseas Study Consultancy Company Limited
– VISCO Co Ltd (Viet Intellectual Services Company Limited)
– VTCORP Company Ltd
– Vuong Anh Education Limited Company (King Study)
– WIN Education Service Co., Ltd (SE Asia)
York Development Co. Ltd

*Information provided may not be updated daily.


– 0728 Ltd
– A1 International Education
– Academically Ltd
– After School Education
– Amber Education (UK) Services Ltd t/a Amber Education Holding Limited
– Ambiway Education
– Anhui Youze Education Consulting Co. LTD
– Beijing Bright Future International Management Consultants Co., Ltd t/a New Channel Future Abroad
– Beijing New Oriental Vision Overseas Consulting Co., Ltd
– Beijing Total Education International
– Blue Ocean International Education Ltd
– Bright Can-Achieve Ltd
– British American Consulting Ltd
– British China International Consulting Ltd
– British United Education Services Ltd
– Burton International Consultancy Ltd
– Chamberlain Educational Services Centre
– Changsha Westudy Overseas Affairs
– Cosmo Academic Ltd
– Counton Global Mobility Solutions Ltd
– Dadi Overseas Studies Service Centre
– Daniel Global Education Services Ltd
– Easy Study Solutions
– EDM Education Co. Ltd
– Education International Cooperation (EIC) Group Limited
– Education Tower t/a BEO
– Edvoy Educational Services Ltd (China and East Asia)
– Elite Global Education Service
– EV Education Limited
– Further
– GCSS Education Consultancy
– GES Global Educational Services
– Global Education Alliance Ltd
– Golden Apple Tree Ltd
– Golden Arrow Group
– Great Western Education Limited
– Griffin Education Services Ireland Ltd
t/a Crizac Global/Gateway
Abroad/Holmes Education (China)
– GU Group t/a GoUni
– Guangzhou Tao You Education Limited
– GZL International Consultants Co., Ltd
– Happy Global Ltd. Japan
– Harrods Education Ltd
– Henan Zhicheng Science & Education Consulting Co., Ltd
– Huatong Xinnuo International Cultural Exchange Center Limited
iae HOLDINGS, Inc. t/a iae EduNet Ltd
– IDP (Beijing)
– IDP (Busan)
– IDP (Chengdu)
– IDP (Chongqing)
– IDP (Gangnam)
– IDP (Guangzhou)
– IDP (Hangzhou)
– IDP (Hong Kong)
– IDP (Kaohsiung)
– IDP (Nanjing)
– IDP (Penang)
– IDP (Qingdao)
– IDP (Seoul)
– IDP (Shanghai)
– IDP (Shenzhen)
– IDP (Suzhou) – IDP (Taichung)

– IDP (Suzhou) – IDP (Taichung)
– IDP (Taipei) – IDP (Wuhan)
– Index Education Services Ltd
– InfoEdu Sdn. Bhd.
– FYF Education UK Ltd
– IHorizon Group (HK) Limited t/a 51 Offer
– Inquota Education Services (IES) Sdn Bhd
– InterGreat Education Group (China & E Asia)
– Interlead Education
– Interstudy Education Consultants SDN. BHD
– James Hon Marketing & Management Services
– JM Education Group Sdn Bhd
– Kens Cube Ltd
– KO&CO Ltd
– L&J Education
– Leading Education Ltd
– Lets go UK
– Liu Cheng International Group Ltd t/a – LCI Group (China & East Asia)
– Maple Overseas Education Centre Limited
– Nanjing Jitang Education Consultancy Co., Ltd. (JT Education Limited)
– National Stem Education Limited
– Newedge Education Ltd (China & E Asia)
– Nogoon Jade LLC
– Offer4Uni Ltd
– Overseas Education & Immigration Ltd
– OverseasEducation.Sg Pte. Ltd
– Oxbridge Academy of London
– Oxbridge Holdings t/a Power Academy
– Oxford Academy London
– Pengfei Education Consultancy Ltd
– Peony Culture Communication Limited t/a TNE Consulting
– Premium Education International Limited
– Rhodium Education Services Limited
– Ryugaku Information Center
– See World Ltd
– Servlight Int’l Education Consultancy Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen)
– Shanghai Juying Immigration Service Co., Ltd.
– Shanghai Tengpo Education and Technology Co., Ltd
– South Wales Education Ltd
– Student-Assist@Preston Limited trading as Xuri-Preston
– Sunrise Education Limited
– Ten Garden Ltd
– Thames Premier Service Ltd
– The Cyclopes Limited
– Tian Xin Law Associates Ltd
– TKS Education Ltd
– Tomato Edu Co Ltd
– Topcourses Ltd
– UG Education Services SDN. BHD.
– UK Education Network Co., Ltd (UKEN)
– UK Education Union Ltd
– UK Independent Colleges Ltd- WEALTON
– UK Offer International Education Ltd
– UK Pathway Education Ltd
– UK Yawee International Education & Technology
– Uni Britannica Ltd (China & East Asia)
– UniGlobal Education Pte Ltd
– UVIC Ltd.
– VFG Immigration Limited
– WL Hillside Investment Ltd t/a UOffer Global
– Y.E.S. Education Service Ltd
– Ying Fan Education Service Co. Ltd
– Ying Tong Education Consultancy Ltd
– Zerone Education & Training Ltd

*Information provided may not be updated daily.


– 2Uni UK Ltd
– Academix Study Abroad Services LLC
– Acapedia
– AH&Z Associates (MENA)
– Al Ahlam Higher Education Services
– AlMawred Education Services
– Alshamlan EDU for Academic Consultancy
– Alternatif Education Counselling Services
– AIMS Education Limited t/a AIMS Education FZCO
– Antoun Consultancy FZ-LLC
– ASCOM Consulting Limited
– BESA Group
– British Educational Services Group Ltd
– British Education Bureau (BEB) Group Ltd
– Bunguo Limited
– CastleHill Global (MENA)
– Destination Abroad LLC (MENA)
– DREducation Marketing t/a DR Education Consulting
– Easy Apply Education Consultancy
– Edcon Education Consultancy and Foreign – Trade Ltd
– EDRES for Education Services
– Education Basket Kuwait
– Education Care Limited
– Education Links
– Education Zone
– Educcess Ltd
– Edusurferz AB
– Edukraft Consultancy Ltd

– Edvoy Educational Services Ltd (MENA)
– Elebda’a
– EN Education Group Ltd
– Eurostudies (Bournemouth) Ltd
– First Edumate (MENA)
– Future Graduates
– GetMe2Uni Limited

– Global Educare Ltd (MENA)
– Global Eği̇ti̇m Hi̇zmetleri̇ Turi̇zm ve Diş Ti̇caret Li̇mi̇ted Şi̇rketi̇ t/a Global Yurtdisi Egitim Danismanlig
– Global Orientation Services Ltd
– Global Study UK
– Go Abroad LLC
– Golden Path for University Services
– Grampian Translation Services Ltd
– HL Consultancy Group Limited
– IDP (Abu Dhabi)
– IDP (Alexandria) – IDP (Bahrain)
– IDP (Cairo) – IDP (Dubai)
– IDP (Giza) – IDP (Jeddah)
– IDP (Kuwait)
– IDP (Turkey)
– International Educational Links Ltd
– IS-NET Ltd (International Student Network) (MENA)
– Istudyuk Ltd (MENA)
– Irshad AlMobtaath Scientific Consultancy

– JNS Education Consultant (UK) Ltd (MENA)

– Kuwait Education Services
– International Student KW for Educational Consulting L.L.C.
– L & M Consultancy Learning and Media Solutions Ltd

– Marketino for Marketing t/a Marketino Study Abroad
– Marj3 for IT t/a Emonovo
– MEC Study Group
– Merit Education FZC
– MF Gulf Services Ltd
– Moisons Management Consultants Ltd
– My Arman Education Group Ltd t/a Apply University
– Myeducoach Yurtdisi Egitim Danismanlik Hizmetleri Organizasyon Turizm Ve Ticaret
– Newcastle Education Group Ltd
– OA Education Ltd
– Pioneers Educational Admission Consultancy Ltd
– Premium Servitium Graduates Ltd
– Prime Student Services
– Qobolak for Commercial Services L.L.C
– Rawaffed for Education Services Ltd
– Sanad Edu Commission Agent and Commission Trading Company
– Sindibad for Study Abroad
– SIUK (Dubai) – SIUK (Riyadh)
– SIUK (Turkey)
– Skill Me Ltd (MENA)
– Studygram Educational Consulting
– Skyview Consultants Ltd (MENA)
– Soud Abdel – Jaber & Sons Co. t/a GESCO
– STS Global South Asia Ltd
– Mahmoud & Sami Ma’aita Company t/a Amman University Services
– Student Care Bureau (International) Ltd
– Student Centre Company
– Study Care Ltd
– Study London UK LTD
– Study Ways For Companies
– Study with FM Ltd (MENA)
– Studypedia s.a.r.l
– Synergy Solutions Private Limited
Talib Consultancy (UK) Ltd t/a TCL Global (MENA)
– Tareem Education Services Ltd t/a Assakaf Education Services
– Tekvantis Software Solutions and Consulting Services Ltd
– Time Academy Limited
– Top Educ Services SARL AU (Top Education SARL)
– UISN Limited
– UK Education Service
– UK Study Zone Ltd (International)
– UK United Co. (Ukuni)
– UKEC Ltd t/a GoAbro (MENA)
– Ulearn Student Services and Exhibition and Conference Organizing Company
– Uni Connect Education Ltd (MENA)
– Uniexperts Limited
– YouStudy UK Ltd
– Zen Education Services Ltd

*Information provided may not be updated daily.


– 2theworld Associates
– 3AG Global Resources Ltd
– ABCD Education Services Limited
– AECO Limited
– AGON Place Limited
– Agroec Consultants
– AH&Z Associates (Africa)
– AIMS Education FZCO (Africa)
– Akme Professional Concepts Limited
– Alef Noun Ltd
– Alliance & Associates Ltd (International)
– Alpha International EduConsult Limited
– Alpha Study Group International (ASGI)
Ama-Dove Nigeria Ltd
– Amplifi Consulting Limited t/a The Student Coach
– Amson Education Nig. Ltd
– Avail International Consult Ltd
– Aviyah Global Synergy UK Ltd t/a Gupstudy
– BA Educational Consultancy (Africa)
– Bacobs and New Generations Ltd
– Bentley Global Study Consultancy Ltd
– BDM Consultancy Services
– Boost Education Service Ltd t/a BHE Uni
– Bespoke Education
– Bila Legal Services Ltd
– Bigger International Consult Limited
– Binea Education Ltd
– Brookline Consult
– Bureau International de l’Etudiant (BIE)
– BW Business Solutions (UK) Ltd (Africa)
– Cambridge Training & Consultancy Ltd
– Casablanca Education
– Chal International Education Services
– City College Stratford (International)
– Community Trust Network
– Consulting Hub Ltd (Africa)
– Courage Consultants UK Ltd (International)
– Covmind International Ltd
– Crownhub Consulting
– Diamond Giant Consultin
– Cliste Edge Consulting Limited
– International Language and Education Center – ILEC Limited
– Domido Co. Ltd t/a Overseas Education Centre
– Drums UK School Finder
– Education Club SARL AU
– Education Path
– Education Solutions Consult
– Edukwanza Consultants Limited
– Edvoy Educational Services Ltd (Africa)
– E-Klaz Profit Ltd
– Elpis Group International
– EN Global Education Ltd (Africa)
– EPS Education
– Erigwit Services
– Etudier International Group
– Famos Support & Services Ltd t/a Famos – Consultants (Africa)
– Fiel Rocha & Associates
– FK Global Ventures Ltd t/a FK Global EducationVentures
– Foster Global Placement Services Ltd
– Skill Me Ltd
– Bentley Global Study Consultancy Ltd
– UK Educational Services Int Ltd
– Fub Education Visa and Travel Agency
– Future Graduates Ltd (Africa)
– Gateway Career Services (GCSEducation)
– Global Education & Career (GEC) Consultants (Africa)

– Global Doorways Ltd T/A Education Doorways (Africa)
– Global Orientation Services Ltd (Africa)
-Globally Focused Education cc t/a Global Education
– Globe Education Groupe (Morocco)
– Griffin Education Services Ireland Ltd t/a Crizac Global/Gateway Abroad/Holmes Education (Africa)
– Gryn Index Initiative
– H&H Global Education Ltd (Africa)
– Hoque Consultancy LTD (Africa)
– IDP (Nigeria)
– Ifem Education & Travels
– Imperial Education Consultants
– Inspiren Global Education Ltd (Africa)
– International Academic Centre for Training and Excellence (IACTE) (Africa)
– Graduate Guidance Group Ltd
– Go2Skul Education Group Limited

– International Student Consultancy Agency
– International Business English Consulting (IBEC)
– IS-NET Ltd (International Student Network)
– JECS Jimmypas Educational & Consultancy Services Ltd
– Jestone Education
– Jokings Educare Ltd (Africa)
– Just Study Ltd t/a Uni Education (Africa)
– Kaper Group
– KappaKonsult Resources and Services Limited
– Kelmaa Career Path Consult
– Kenhenson Consult
– Kenny Education Services Ltd
– Knowledgfield Consults Nigeria
– KOT- UK Educational Services & Tours Ltd.
– Language Immersion Link Ltd

– London School of Excellence Ltd (LSOE)
– Maccon Education and Travels Ltd
– Maggy’s Concept
– Marg Education International Ltd
– Masterwise Ltd
– MOD Education
– Morgan Oxford Education Ltd (Africa)
– MYiO Global Education Consultants
– Nubi Educational Counselling Ltd
– Nusair Group Ltd (Africa)
– Optimal Vision Recruitment Services Limited/SG Education Nigeria Limited
– Ornate I Ltd
– Overseas University Link
– Peyol Concepts Limited (Nigeria)
– Pragma Educational Advisor
– ProQuest Solutions Ltd T/A UniGlobe Education UK (Africa)
– Punzila Educational Services Limited
QS StudentApply Ltd (Africa)
– Reality Education and Overseas Travel Limited
– Skill Me Ltd
– Education Care Limited
– Graduate Guidance Group Ltd
– Global Study UK Ltd
– Zininga Holdings t/a Royal Consultancy
– Regal Uno Consulting
– S3 Education Consultants Ltd
– Sable International Study Abroad Ltd (Africa)
– SAMS Global Solutions Ltd (Africa)
– Shabuj Global Outsourcing Ltd (Africa)
– SIUK (Kenya)
– SIUK (Morocco)
– SIUK (Nigeria)
– SIUK (Tanzania)
– SIUK (Uganda)
– Social Connexion Consulting SARL
– Smart Beee Ltd (Africa)
– SOS International Edu Consulting
– St George’s University Ltd (SGU)
– Star Global Education
– Strategic Offshore Placement Ltd
– Student Choice Education Ltd (Africa)
– Student Connect Ltd (Africa)
– Student Liaison Group (SLG) Ltd
– Study Abroad Global Ltd
– Study Advisory Services Ltd
– Study Affairs
– Study Finder Ltd (Africa)
– Study with FM Ltd (Africa)
– Studyrange Consult
– Studyspring Ltd
– Studyvisa International Limited
– Team Consultancy Global Ltd t/a Team Consultancy UK (Africa)
– TG Marchnata (TGM Education)
– TnR Services Ltd (Africa)
– Tombell Education Ltd
– Total Student Care (TSC) Ltd (Africa)
– Twone Education Consultancy
– UK Uni Success Ltd
– UK Educational Services Int Ltd
– Uniconnect
– Uniserv Ltd
– VisaGate Consulting Ltd
– WIN Education Service Co., Ltd
– Zain Global UK Ltd (Africa)
– Zen Education Services Ltd (Africa)
– Zeta Brent Education Limited

*Information provided may not be updated daily.


– AC Estudios En El Exterior
– Adventus Education Pte Ltd (L America)
– Anabeyi del Pilar Hillon Vega t/a STM Study Travel and Move Forward
– Aston House College
– Blue Consultants Group Pty Ltd t/a Blue Studies International
– Colombia International Incorporated S.A t/a Bright Colombia
– D&I Global Ltd
– Education World SAS
– Edugrowth Panama INC
– Estudiar by CSA Travels
– EU Network 2015 Ltd (Latin America)
– Experience Estudios En El Exterior SAS
– Extudia S.A.S
– Fundacion Beca
– Global Active Study Ltd
– Global Admission Center
– Global Studies UK (International)
– GradeUp Intercambio Academico e Servicos
Educacionais Eireli

– Grasshopper International
– HEC (Higher Education Consulting) Latam
– International Learning Center E.T. S.A.
– International Sporting Solutions Limited
– Inversiones Viajes y Viajes SAS
– PAVRC t/a AVR – Academic Services
– Programas Interculturales De Mexico SC – Edulynks
– Prosica Canada
– QS StudentApply Ltd (Latin America)
– Representaciones Academicas
– Study Project
– SIUK (The Americas)
– STEP – Study, Travel, Exchange & Progress
– Studies Planet Ltd
– Study Project
– The Broad Club Ltd (Latin America)
– Travelmate Intercambio & Turismo Franchising Ltd
– Viaja y estudia
– Viajes Academicos VIAC
– Volemi

*Information provided may not be updated daily.