We’re a private UK higher education provider. Working in partnership with universities, colleges and education specialists in the UK, we recruit, market and deliver a range of programmes from foundation level, to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. All designed to support our students’ future career aspirations.

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With courses in Accounting, Business, Computing, Cyber, Digital Marketing, Events Management, Project Management, Web Development and more – we’ve got it covered.

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Learning is central to everything we do at QA.

QA has been working in learning and development for over 30 years, with people who are shaping futures. We work with students, learners, customers and partners, across industries, and countries – providing learning solutions and the right skills for tomorrow’s challenges. Whether you’re going through digital transformation, becoming agile or growing more expert technologists in your organisation – our courses, apprenticeships and digital consultants will get you ready for your future.

Learn in the classroom, or choose online delivery. Become an apprentice, or join our QA graduate academy as a consultant. Advance specialist knowledge, or upskill your team to propel your business growth in the digital age. We’re here – by your side – every step of the way, ready to help you achieve more.

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The details

QA Higher Education is comprised of:

  • QAHE Limited is registered in England no. 11325201 UKPRN: 10067618
  • QAHE (Services) Limited is registered in England no. 09134452 UKPRN: 10049009
  • QAHE (NU) Limited is registered in England no. 08468104 UKPRN: 10066760
  • QAHE (Solent) Limited is registered in England no. 11299797 UKPRN: 10067682
  • QAHE (SU) Limited is registered in England no. 11852515
  • QAHE (Ulst) Limited is registered in England no. 07397103 UKPRN: 10037353
  • QAHE (UR) Limited is registered in England no. 09418863 UKPRN: 10066755
  • QAHE (Mdx) Limited is registered in England no. 10990471 UKPRN: 10066760
  • QAHE (LM) Limited is registered in England no. 12435190

For our Degree Apprenticeship provision:

  • QA Limited is registered in England no. 02413137

The registered office and postal address for all is Rath House, 55-65 Uxbridge Road, Slough, SL1 1SG.

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What our students say

Ajay Chetan

MSc Business with International Management with Advanced Practice

"The programme helped me to understand what I wanted to do in life."

The residential programme helped me understand what I wanted to do in life and that was start my own business and grow it to an international scale. I come from a technical background and getting a business degree resonates perfectly with my future goals and what I want to do in life.

Marieli Venegas Moreno

MSc Digital Marketing with Advanced Practice

"I felt welcomed and encouraged, despite the fact my English wasn't the best."

It is a real world, it’s not like you have teachers that are really square and narrow and boring, they are really active, they try to actually encourage you, and they make you feel comfortable. Don’t be afraid to ask if you feel like your English is not the best. They will try to make sure that they can understand you.

Our News

QAHE hosts a Virtual Celebration for University of Roehampton Centres students

QA Higher Education hosted its first Virtual Celebration to congratulate the students of the University of Roehampton Centres on their achievements.

QA Higher Education hosts its first Global Business Club

Recently QA Higher Education launched the first Global Business Club event which showcased the innovative ideas and business plans of students and alumni.

New Postgraduate Business Offer at the University of Roehampton Centres

QA Higher Education are excited to announce the addition of a postgraduate business degree with the University of Roehampton Centres.

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