QAHE’s 1st Learning & Teaching Online Conference

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Connectedness & Identity

Welcome to QAHE’s first online conference! Never has it been more appropriate to discuss the themes of connectedness and identity.

These words mean different things to different people; you will see from the range of topics by our speakers below, that we can approach the concepts in a number of ways. For some people connectedness is a technical term about how to stay in touch during this period of remote working, for others it is an emotional experience. Identity is often understood in a social context; how does that change when identity is communicated and understood virtually?

We hope to start the discussion around these themes, as well as related topics, in relation to ourselves, our students and our institution across the sector of Higher Education.

And in doing so, we are excited to share our new online conference format with you!

Below, you will find videos from each of our contributors. Please watch the video before attending the live session on Tuesday 28th July 2020. Please also remember to sign up to the live sessions in advance: click here to sign up!

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Online Learning & Teaching: staff reflections

Online Learning & Teaching: student reflections

The Impact on Gender Ethnicity in Teaching Higher Education Students

Examining the impact of gender and ethnicity in Higher Education teaching, this session will be focusing on sharing the perceptions of Black Nigerian teachers in relation to the impact of identity and expression in their teaching.

Click here to join Elizabeth’s session (Tues 28th July, 13:30 – 13:45)


A VideoAnt experiment

This interactive video explores some of benefits and disadvantages of working from home, posing questions regarding how we can maintain our feeling of connectedness while doing so. While watching, you will be asked to interact with the video, and explore the possibilities of using this tool in the virtual classroom.

Click here to join Tavares’ session (Tues 28th July, 13:30 – 13:45)

Click here to watch Tavares’s Video on VideoAnt: Working from home

QAHE Online Learning and Teaching Conference

This session looks how a sense of student identity and belonging can affect student engagement. With the move to online delivery, the question is posed:  how can we ensure our students continue to feel a sense of belonging, and what role does technology have to play in this?

Click here to join Beljeet’s session (Tues 28th July, 12:50 – 13:05)

Still using red ink?! …How about italic fonts? In this session, Jo will talk us through the guidelines to ensure our PowerPoint slides are accessible to all our students. Vivien will then demonstrate how to make templates we have created work for you.

Click here to join Vivien and Jo’s session (Tues 28th July, 13:10 – 13:25)

Connectedness and the Subjective Feeling of Connection

In this session, the term social connection will be defined and its impact discussed in the light of the current situation. Ideas on the true source of social connection and how to increase connectedness will also be offered.

Click here to join Carlos’ session (Tues 28th July, 12:30 – 12:45)

A Case of MSc Consultancy Project

In this session, Aliar will look at the new ways of communicating with learners in the light of the current disruptions, and at how new possibilities can be created regarding delivery, feedback, and connecting with our learners.

Click here to join Aliar’s session (Tues 28th July, 13:10 – 13:25)

Is the Effect of Covid-19 on Student and Staff Engaged in Online Learning and Teaching a Curse or a Blessing?

Identifying key challenges and potential in online learning, this session focuses in particular on the challenge of motivating (both students and staff) and offers strategies for promoting engagement.

Click here to join Rebecca’s session (Tues 28th July, 12:50 – 13:05)


Using Technology to Enhance the Learning Experience Before, During and After Class

In this presentation, the idea of “ubiquitous learning” is explored and demonstrated, using technology that enables learners to participate and learn outside of prescribed days and times, supplementing and enriching their taught content.

 Click here to join Sean’s session (Tues 28th July, 12:30 – 12:45)

Overcoming New Preparation for Employment Challenges in Virtual Workshops

This presentation explores the research and challenges regarding participation in virtual workshops, offering approaches for overcoming some of the issues with styles of visual participation in online sessionsa and meetings.

Click here to join Glenis’ session (Tues 28th July, 13:10 – 13:25)


Harnessing Academic Feedback for Two-Way Teacher and Student Identity Construction

This session focuses on feedback and its role in two-way identity construction for both learner and teacher. The opportunities for connection between learner and teacher enabled by feedback communication are considered and evaluated.

Click here to join Lesley’s session (Tues 28th July, 12:30 – 12:45)


Highlights from last year’s event

What our students say

Assad Althunayyan

Pre-Sessional English

"The teaching staff are really friendly and helpful."

We work in groups which means I can improve my English really quickly.

Olasheni Ogunwende

MSc Business with International Management

"I chose to study at Northumbria University London because it offers a great university experience in the heart of London."

The business school was the main attraction for me as it is has an AACSB double accreditation.

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