Nassir Semusu

Student Conversion Officer

Nassir joined QAHE in October 2019 to recruit for Home/EU progressing students. He brings a wealth of experience in education having recruited for multiple higher education providers onto their Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses.

Having studied abroad during his degree and worked closely with students for over three years, he understands the variety of needs applicants have and is able to provide them with suitable solutions to support their career goals. He organises and supports key recruitment events such as Class Workshops, Student Networking events and has daily consultations to help prospective students make informed decisions. Nassir is friendly, approachable and welcomes applicants and students to discuss future career goals.

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QA Higher Education hosted its first Virtual Celebration to congratulate the students of the University of Roehampton Centres on their achievements.

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Recently QA Higher Education launched the first Global Business Club event which showcased the innovative ideas and business plans of students and alumni.

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QA Higher Education are excited to announce the addition of a postgraduate business degree with the University of Roehampton Centres.

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