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Published on Tuesday 10th of October 2023

QA Higher Education announces the launch of its inaugural International Medical Foundation Diploma aimed at international high school students looking to pursue a medical career.

QA Higher Education has worked with Northumbria University to design an International Medical Foundation Diploma which is meticulously tailored to lay a strong foundation for students aspiring to pursue a degree in medicine and other allied health science degrees.  Furthermore, students who successfully complete the International Medical Foundation and meet admissions criteria may be eligible to apply and secure a place onto St. George’s University’s (SGU’s) 5-year Medical Degree Pathway, through a new affiliation between QA Higher Education and SGU.

The nine-month International Medical Foundation programme (the “Programme”) equips students with essential knowledge in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and English language skills. The curriculum seamlessly combines theoretical learning with hands-on application, emphasising laboratory skills and practical experience. Students will develop an in-depth understanding of living cells, explore the structure and reactions of inorganic and organic compounds, and learn to apply mathematical concepts to experimental data.

In addition, the Programme focuses on enhancing English language proficiency, including academic vocabulary, writing skills, and independent language learning. By providing students with a strong foundation, practical skills, and English language proficiency, the Programme ensures they are well-prepared to excel in their medical studies.

“The International Medical Foundation Diploma programme provides aspiring medical students with a comprehensive pathway to acquire the essential knowledge and skills required for success in their medical studies,” said [Simon Nelson, CEO, QA Higher Education].

The Programme opens doors for aspiring medical students to unlock their potential and embark on a fulfilling journey towards a medical degree. This international programme allows students to explore diverse cultures and medical practices, expanding their perspectives and paving the way for a global medical career. “As QA Higher Education transcends borders, we strive to provide the best academic preparation to students who have the potential to become great medical school students and later on become tomorrow’s physicians.” Adds Simon.

Students who apply to and secure a place on SGU’s  5-year Medical (MD) Pathway can start at SGU’s True Blue campus in Grenada or in the UK at Northumbria University for the first 2 years of the 5-year MD pathway. Their clinical rotations will take place either in the UK, US, or a combination of the two for the last two years of the 5-year MD pathway.

“Bringing together Northumbria’s well-established excellence in healthcare education and SGU’s reputation as the largest source of doctors for the entire US workforce*, the two Universities have a long-standing relationship. This year they celebrated the 2000th student joining Northumbria as part of the SGU’s MD degree and pathways. The collaboration with QA Higher Education will help the next 2000 students to benefit from this unique study option, producing the doctors of tomorrow who will go on to make a positive impact on global health.” said Dr. James Coey, Assistant Dean of Basic Sciences at SGU.

Nestled on the island of Grenada in the West Indies, SGU provides students the opportunity to experience different environments and cultures while gaining valuable academic knowledge, clinical skills and experience that will equip them for a global career as physicians. Further course information can be found here.

*According to FSMB physician licensure data, 2021


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