QA Hosts its Second Annual Learning and Teaching Conference

Posted on Friday 18th of October 2019

Last month, QA hosted its second annual Learning and Teaching Conference at St. James’ House, London. After the success of last year’s event, we welcomed academics and students back for a day of learning, communicating and networking.

The ‘Enhancing Student Success’ theme that guided our debut conference was succeeded by this year’s theme of ‘The Student Journey’. The purpose of this theme was to gain a better understanding of the students’ experiences; from research and application through to completion of their course.

“There’s so much to do in trying to support the student learning experience” – Adetola Adenkunyi, Lecturer in Business and Management

Our breakfast reception was a great opportunity for attendees to meet and greet, as well as gain a better understanding of the day’s events. After a warm welcome from the organisers in the Learning and Teaching department, we were privileged with presentations and talks from a selection of student across all our partners.

Student feedback is vital – these presentations allow us to understand what our students love and what they need from their journey with us. Our students study with us from all parts of the world and each is different, so it was a positive learning opportunity to hear the diverse journeys that had each had experienced.

Simultaneously, it was great for our students to learn from academics within their field on how to make the most of their education and guidance for their future once they have completed their studies.

Lecturers and academic staff shared their thoughts of varying aspects of the student journey, including studying as a woman in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields, the real meaning of employability, and improving student retention.

“Really key for any training provider, any HE establishment, that we don’t sit back on our laurels – we keep learning, we keep changing, we keep moving forward” – Alison Love – Endpoint Assessment Delivery Manager

The purpose of these conferences is to improve the experience of both students and staff. By listening to our students, we are able to understand their needs and wants and adhere to this by providing the programmes and university experience that they need. By providing students with advice and academic guidance, they are able to thrive and achieve more as a result of their time with us.

With all that has come out of this year’s conference, we hope to continue our efforts in order to improve both our quality of teaching and training, as well as the student journey.

“It’s the support that counts and this is something that QA can really provide for our students” – Elena Volodenko – Associate Dean for EAP