Published on Wednesday 30th of May 2018

The first ever QA Higher Education Learning and Teaching Conference was held at Rosebery Avenue this month. Students from across QAHE’s partnerships and campuses took on the role of keynote speakers and shared their learning experiences with the wider academic group.

Topics included the various ways in which studying at university had helped to improve their career path and academic abilities, subject specific knowledge, industry skills and techniques, and even wider application across their personal lives.

With a bright introduction from the Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching, Donna Corr, the keynotes began to describe the barriers they had faced during their studies and opportunities and initiatives that had helped them overcome such barriers.

The students offered perspectives of their learning environment, overcoming fear of failure and learned helplessness; often going it alone in the wider world without the support of family and friends.

Strategic Consultant and current student at Northumbria University London, Paul Gordon enthusiastically shared his new found sense of direction stating that one single conversation with a tutor can give you direction, with the realisation of what your passion is and what you really want to do.

Some inspiring talks from academics followed as the day rolled through, covering the need to adapt teaching styles to generational gaps and technological advances, using new teaching approaches, all of which were carefully coordinated by Aliar Hossain, the Conference Coordinator

Still in their first year, the ACE (Academic Community of Excellence) Team kicked off one of the afternoon proceedings by explaining the current levels of support they offer to students and how students are using the multi-campus service.

As the afternoon came to a close, students and university staff came together for a networking event where much praise was shared for the success of the event, here’s to another!

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