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Published on Friday 17th of March 2023

We’re all well acquainted with the courting effects of personalisation in marketing. If done right, personalisation alone can help brands increase revenues. A market research firm, Forrester, showed that 77% of consumers had chosen, recommended, or paid for a brand offering personalised experiences.

While cognisant to the positive impacts of personalisation, it’s use eludes most Higher Education institutes.  We, however, do things differently. Staying true to our motto of keeping students at the heart of everything we do, QA Higher Education believe a personalised approach in education is very much the need of the hour.

Here are some of our student’s accounts on the power of personalisation and it’s positive impact.


“One of my observations was, despite it being higher education, the lecturers were very supportive and encouraging. They would put in the extra time and effort to ensure we’ve understood the subject matter. They were always available to help us and give us tips on how to approach a task. It was also interesting to see how much time they were willing to invest in us individually and to adopt different approaches to ensure we had a full grasp on what was taught.” – Antoanela Androne, Ulster university London

“I was very impressed with how the agents were going above and beyond and exhibiting patience and an interest in my individual situation so they could help me in the best way possible. As a student I noticed this attitude was carried through with faculty as well. I was delighted to see lecturers and other support staff being so attentive and helpful towards students.

When I decided to enrol for my undergraduate degree, I had a five-year-old in tow and a full time job. The structure of the course and the manner of my lectures made it possible for me to achieve a degree, be there for my child and earn an income. While this was a lot to juggle, the unwavering support received from QA Higher Education staff made it achievable and manageable. The lecturers were willing and able to adapt their teaching styles and motivational techniques to our different needs. This is what made QA Higher Education extremely appealing to me. At no point did I feel overwhelmed or the need to quit. The support provided is insurmountable. And, I owe part of my achievement to these great people who had faith in me, kept me motivated and supported me till the finish line.

This level of a personal touch is what made QA Higher Education an employer I aspired to join. Now being part of the team for nearly 9 months- I have to say, it did not disappoint.”- Irina Knazeva, Ulster university

“I found my lecturers were genuinely invested in each of us and our success. We were given individual attention based on our needs. This is very rare to find in higher education. For instance, Dr. Imani Kyaruzi willingly agreed to mentor me during my studies and help me uncover my true potential. His guidance provided a great deal of clarity when choosing my career path and a master’s degree to suit it. Yulia Balogh was a pillar of strength when I had personal hurdles that were impacting my studies. She kept my focus from wavering and gave me advice that empowered me to push through and extremely supportive, overall. Then there was Martin Gilbert, his leadership and coaching techniques are exemplary and one that I like to emulate now that I’m a teacher too. All of them have consistently contributed to my personal and professional development and made a real difference to my learning experience and overall journey at QA. While these are just three of my lecturers that I’ve mentioned, there were others too who were fantastic and more than willing to go above and beyond to help us out as students. It’s these shared values and care that made QA Higher Education so special to me.” – Mihaela Melintescu, University of Roehampton and Ulster university  alumni


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