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Published on Thursday 29th of July 2021

The University of Roehampton Centres in partnership with QA Higher Education relaunches and expands its new range of programmes to help students win in the digital revolution.

QA Higher Education (QAHE), the University of Roehampton Centres (UORC) has relaunched its portfolio with 5 new and refreshed programmes to meet the demand of its students wanting to equip themselves with savvy computing, business and digital management degrees.

New research shows “a concerning gap in digital skills provision according to a March 2021 report commissioned by Work Skills UK.” The report highlighted that 60% of businesses believe they will increasingly rely on advanced digital skills over the next five years, while, some 88% of young people surveyed acknowledged their digital skillset is essential for their careers. The University of Roehampton in partnership with QA Higher Education are excited to offer these new and refreshed programmes to meet the growing demand for digitally focussed degrees equipping students with savvy and real-world knowledge and insight.

“We continue to develop and refine our degree offerings with Roehampton University Centres to ensure our students are equipped with the best possible skillset and knowledge for the digital world – Dr Tim Harris, QA Higher Education

The new and refreshed suite of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes not only supports those aiming to become developers of digital systems but also crucially those who will become responsible for their use and implementation in a business context to extract maximum business value.

The new courses include:

  • BSc (Hons) Computing Technologies
  • BSc (Hons) Computing Technologies Extended Degree
  • BSc (Hons) Digital Business Management
  • BSc (Hons) Digital Business Management Extended Degree
  • MSc Management and Digital Transformation

The biggest challenge organisations are facing today is the lack of skilled professionals to satisfy their growing needs for software developers to support development, maintenance and transformation of digital systems. The revalidated BSc Computing Technologies/Extended Degree has been refreshed to offer students a broad range of competencies and skills to address the increasing demand for computing and technology expertise that are needed to support businesses as they navigate the process of digital transformation.

QA Higher Education, Provost and Executive Dean, Dr Tim Harris said: “As the digital revolution accelerates it is critical that business and management degrees reflect the changing world of work and prepare graduates for employment in an increasingly digital world. We continue to develop and refine our degree offerings with Roehampton University Centres to ensure our students are equipped with the best possible skillset and knowledge for the digital world.”

Students will be equipped with knowledge of core programming and digital technologies, understanding systems design principles and project management skills. This programme also boasts the learnings of in-network, cybersecurity, cloud, internet of everything (IoE), user experience designed and data analytics.

BSc (Hons) Digital Business Management/Extended Degree has been designed to address how digital technologies can be used to transform current business models, interacting digitally to attract new customers and digitally manage dislocated workforces. Students will be taught how to manage, motivate and adapt virtual teams to working in a digital world, how to make data driven decisions as well as key project management skills in a digital business context. Students can expect this degree to encourage digital thinking and strategies to plan and run businesses virtually.

The MSc Management and Digital Transformation is an innovative programme that synthesises contemporary theories in the field of digital transformation with practical and authentic challenges. It is targeted at graduates involved in or aiming to be involved in developing and managing the implementation of disruptive digital technologies with informed decision-making by researching ethical and sustainable approaches. Students who have an entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial mindset who are eager to capitalise on emerging opportunities in the digital era will learn the necessary skillset to manage deep organisational changes.

The 5 degrees are all digitally orientated and have been designed to be taught in a digital way. Students can expect to be taught using both live online and face-to-face teaching which creates an effective mode of delivery combining the strengths of both virtual and traditional learning.

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