QA Higher Education hosts its first Global Business Club

Posted on Thursday 27th of August 2020

Earlier this month we hosted our very first Global Business Club event! This event provided an excellent opportunity for our graduates to showcase their business ideas, and to network with fellow participants.

The launch was a great success, with two of our University of Roehampton Centres students demonstrating their amazing business ideas, as well as providing some excellent advice to existing students during a small Q&A finale.

Arthur Megyesi, a recent graduate from the University of Roehampton Centres, presented his new e-commerce service to attendees. Arthur developed an app for eBay, which enables consumers to earn money back on their purchases, by converting his dissertation into this business opportunity. This demonstrating key entrepreneurial skills to put an idea into motion, and then producing the app.

He also gave some valuable advice to existing students:

“My great lecturers always told me to think ahead, even in my summer break, to think about an exciting idea for my final project. I think it is very important for your project to be something you like, something that you can put your soul in to, and something you’re happy to sacrifice a few months of spare time for. If you work on something you’re passionate about, the outcome will then be the best possible.”

Dr Rebecca Natrajan, the organiser of this new event, expressed that:

“The Global Business Club is a platform for creativity and business opportunity for the students and for anyone with a business idea or anyone who already owns a business, these events are a fantastic opportunity for networking”.

After a successful launch, we welcome you all to join our next Global Business Club event on Tuesday 27th October 2020, 13:15pm – 14:15pm.